FAQ SERIES 4: Kingston Brass Clawfoot Shower Tubs

Q: I see so many types of clawfoot tubs, which one is the best one to buy? A: There really is no easy answer. It depends on how much space you have and… Continue reading

Understanding our four finishes

Kingston Brass makes every effort in offering kitchen and bath products that are both functional and glamorous. The type of finish you choose is significant based on how you want your kitchen/bathroom to… Continue reading

The Manhattan Collection: Combining styles for a unique design approach

The Manhattan faucet is developed to portray transitional style in faucet design. With the usual options of choosing modern or traditional arrangements, the whimsical flair for blending new and old will give people… Continue reading

FAQ SERIES 3: 10 questions/answers about Gourmetier Stainless Steel Sinks

The following information are 10 most frequently asked questions (and answers) sent by you regarding Kingston Brass’ Gourmetier kitchen sinks: FAQ 1 — Q: With so many brands of sinks available today, what… Continue reading

The Nuvofusion Collection: New-age style with a lot to choose from

The look inside a home defines everything a homeowner makes it to be. By acquiring a certain look and feel using different patterns and styles, there are certain elements that help centralize the… Continue reading

FAQ SERIES 2: 10 questions/answers about pedestal and vessel sinks

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions sent by you regarding pedestal and vessel sinks from Fauceture: (More questions/answers will be listed in following months). FAQ 1 —– Q: How can a… Continue reading

FAQ SERIES: 10 questions/answers in maintaining a Kingston Brass faucet

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions sent by you regarding the faucets from Kingston Brass: (More questions/answers will be listed in following months). FAQ 1 —– Q: What cleaning products should… Continue reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of your Kingston Brass stainless steel sink

To ensure beauty and long-lasting use, there are a number of things you should know when taking care of your Kingston Brass stainless steel sink: THE DO’S 1. Clean your sink on a… Continue reading

Celebrity collection impresses in design

Throughout history, crystal has always been regarded as a precious material–often the symbol of elegance. The purity and radiance was the idea of conceptualizing the Celebrity collection from Kingston Brass. The series is… Continue reading

MENU VIEW: Fauceture Bathroom Sinks

What many thought would be a passing fad 15 years ago has evolved as an accepted component of many bathrooms nationwide. Many could make an argument of vessel sinks being a fad, but… Continue reading

Care and Maintenance for Your Shower Head

Fortunately, shower heads don’t require much maintenance. But for optimal performance, here are a few things that you can do: – Before installation, let the water run for at least a minute. This… Continue reading

Green Eden Collection: Using Color to Bring Life and Harmony

Like music, color evokes specific emotions … and the purpose of the Green Eden collection was to select a type of color that would provide a sense of renewal and liveliness to our… Continue reading

Ways to spruce up your bathroom on a budget

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms to remodel-after all, there are quite a few different components required in these relatively small spaces. It may seem like an overwhelming project, especially if you… Continue reading

Showerscape aids in saving water

Undoubtedly, our time in the shower is one of the most personal experiences we all have on a daily basis. Most of us are as meticulous about selecting a shower head as we… Continue reading

Water Onyx brings the black back

One of the most ambitious projects of this past year was the successful launch of our Water Onyx series, which was received with accolades at KBIS and the National Hardware Show last year… Continue reading

Gourmetier unveils a series of kitchen faucets

Every new year brings new and exciting things for Kingston Brass, and this year we are starting off with a bang. Due to the increasing popularity of pull-down faucets, Kingston Brass has added… Continue reading

“Vintage” brings quality to the old

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines vintage as: of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality: classic. Those same words can be used to describe Kingston Brass’ Vintage Collection. It is, of old …… Continue reading

Featured Product – Kingston Brass Waterfall Roman Tub Filler KS2241AR

Any bathroom can turn into a luxury spa with the Kingston Brass Waterfall Roman Tub Filler. This unique design allows water to flow like a waterfall at 12 GPM at 60 PSI. The… Continue reading

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The Vilbosch series: Contemporary furnishings for your kitchen and bathroom

Click HERE to see the interactive Vilbosch Catalog. Kingston Brass, in its tradition of staying at the forefront of plumbing innovation, has brought out their Vilbosch series, the emporium of contemporary style faucets.… Continue reading

How to select the right kind of sink for your kitchen

Selecting a sink can be one of the most overwhelming decisions you will make when remodeling your kitchen. Choosing a kitchen sink is not something you can replace easily without incurring a huge… Continue reading

The future of plumbing looks green

In actuality, we could say the future of plumbing looks green in two different ways: First, like any other industries, the latest trend is to install water-saving fixtures. Secondly, the trend is environmentally… Continue reading

KB’s Fauceture: Modern minimalist bathroom design

Home makeovers are no longer just for the professionals. Practically everywhere you look, TV shows, magazines, even online videos educate consumers on decorating tips or home remodeling ideas.  This means that consumers have… Continue reading

The most common mistakes when remodeling your kitchen

The time you invest in doing your homework will pay off big dividends in the long run. Visit kitchen showrooms. Get an idea of the price of cabinets, granite, appliances, faucets, etc., and… Continue reading

What’s in store for 2011 at Kingston Brass?

2010 was an exceptional year for Kingston Brass. The company underwent a series of changes during the past year but progressed despite the current problem with today’s economic climate. Since its existence, KB… Continue reading