Unexpected Items to Paint in your Home


Paint is most often used to give the walls in your home a splash of color. But you may want to consider purchasing some extra cans of paint – they can be used to decorate a whole lot more than your walls. Here are a few out-of-the-box items that would benefit from a fresh coat of paint:

Clawfoot tubs
Clawfoot tubs provide a stunning focal point in any bathroom design. The intricately designed feet of the tub make them perfect for a vintage-style room, and both cast iron and porcelain tubs are durable and beautiful materials. You can give your current clawfoot tub a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Use black paint on the bottom of the tub to create a stunning black-and-white color palette, or choose a bright hue like orange or turquoise to produce a contemporary-style bathroom.

Kitchen cabinets
You don’t have to go through a complete kitchen renovation in order to give the room a brand new look – just paint your cabinets! Make sure that the color you choose for your cabinets coordinates well with the hue of the walls. For instance, if you have gray walls, you can opt for dark gray cabinets. You can also paint the cabinets a contrasting hue, like white, for a contemporary combination.

Turn your bed into a focal point by painting your headboard! Select a color that blends well with your linens and the wall color. Just make sure that you sand and prime your headboard before you begin painting.

Chandeliers cast a warm glow throughout any room in your home, but this light fixture is rarely colorful. With a coat of paint, however, it can be. Choose a bold hue to paint the bulk of your chandelier to draw attention to this sparkling fixture on your ceiling.

Instead of painting the outside of your bookshelves, how about giving the inside of the shelves a new look? Painting the interior of the shelves can provide an interesting pop of color and draw attention to this furniture piece.

Your ceilings deserve just as much attention and color as the walls in your home. Painting your ceiling can help unify a room’s look and even make a space feel snug or more spacious. Choose a subdued, light-colored hue to help make a room appear larger, or opt for a darker shade for a cozier space.