Unique ways to use mirrors in your bathroom

Bathroom Design

As you contemplate how best to give your bathroom the facelift it desperately needs, you’ve no doubt already considered purchasing new clawfoot tub accessories or painting the walls a bold color. But what about adding some mirrors to your design scheme as well? Most people have a mirror above their bathroom sink, but there are many ways to use these reflective surfaces more creatively.

Mirrored gallery walls
Assemble a collection of mirrors with interesting frames and hang them on the wall for a cool gallery effect. Of course, you’ll want to play with the pattern on the floor first before you hang the mirrors – once you’ve hammered the nail into the wall, you’re stuck!

Mirrors on opposite walls
Do you have an exceptionally small bathroom? You can strategically use mirrors to not only create visual interest, but also make the space appear larger. Simply hang a mirror on the wall opposite of the one with a mirror above your sink. When the mirrors reflect off of each other they will create the illusion of infinite space.

Frames on mirrors
If you’re dealing with boring mirrors in your bathroom, you can easily frame them to add visual interest. If you have a large frameless mirror that’s fixed to the wall and spans the width of your counter, you can give your bathroom decor a little something extra by leaning a large frame against the mirror directly above the sink. This will create a unique layering effect.

Play with different sizes
Mirrors are by no means one size fits all! Play with the size of the mirrors you choose as you design your bathroom. For example, you can use many small mirrors to create a tiling effect, or purchase a large mirror that covers an entire wall!