Increase your home’s worth with a kitchen remodel


Remodeling a kitchen can be a really fun way to add personal style to your home while creating a functional space. If you’re thinking of moving at any point in the future, though, your kitchen remodel can really have an effect on how quickly your house sells. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms for potential home buyers, so a kitchen remodel is a great investment to make, especially if your current space is outdated. Take a look at these ways to make your house a little more valuable during your kitchen remodel:

During any remodeling project it’s important to consider a style that makes your room’s design cohesive. If you’re hoping to add value to your home during a kitchen remodel, you should try to keep the style as classic as possible. Use traditional materials in neutral colors that won’t turn off potential buyers, including hardwood floors, wood cabinets, and black or silver appliances. Granite or marble countertops and pine, oak or maple woods are conventional materials that most buyers will be happy to see. Keeping the space in tune with the rest of the house is also important – If someone loves your charming old house, a contemporary industrial kitchen might not be the way to go.

Classic and neutral may sound a little staid to you, but there are ways to amp up your kitchen’s style without detracting from the value. Find a centerpiece feature, like a commercial-quality stove or an elegant island, that you’ll enjoy and buyers will love.

Another factor to consider during your kitchen remodel is the layout. If you’re planing a complete kitchen overhaul, you may want to set up your space so it’s as open as possible. People love having spacious kitchens that transition easily to other rooms in the house, so if possible, try to incorporate a more open floor plan. Remember not to overspend on your remodel, though, since your end goal is to make money once the house sells.

The quality of your appliances and fixtures is a very important part of remodeling a space that sells. People don’t want to have to replace parts as soon as they move in, so they’ll want to see fixtures like stainless steel kitchen sinks and brass faucets that are hard to damage and will last a very long time. Also, do some research about the brands of refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers homeowners use the most in your area. When people are looking to move to a specific neighborhood, it’s likely they’ll expect all of the homes in the area to have the same quality of appliances and fixtures.

If you think you’ll still be enjoying your home for a number of years before moving, don’t let the potential of selling in the far future deter you from creating a space that you truly love. A newly remodeled kitchen carries weight during a sale, but it should also be a good fit for you if you’ll still be living there for awhile.