Bathroom renovations: What to do beforehand


Renovating your bathroom is a big project that requires a lot of necessary preparation and planning. If you set a budget and start early, your dream bathroom design can easily become a reality. Here’s what you need to do before the renovations (which can take anywhere from two to three months) begin:

Figure out what you like
Give yourself enough time to figure out exactly how you would like your bathroom design to look. Browse through the home decor section on Pinterest, and visit various interior design websites to get a multitude of ideas. Start making a list of the items you know you want in your bathroom, like a freestanding tub, a brass faucet or a brightly colored tile backsplash. Jotting these things down will help you to set your budget later on. Doing a bit of research before the renovations also allows you to eliminate certain design elements that you don’t like.

Research various contractors
Hiring a contractor will reassure you that all of the ideas you have for your bathroom can actually become a reality. After all, you want to make sure that installing a clawfoot tub or pedestal sink will work with your plumbing setup. Meet with several contractors and ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Sketch a rough layout
Where would you like your toilet to be? Will the door run into the vanity? Take some time to sketch rough bathroom layouts – you can show these to your contractor and figure out which designs are feasible and which aren’t.

Nail down your budget
Now that you’ve determined what you want in your bathroom and where you want it, you must solidify your budget. If your budget doesn’t allow you to use the tile that you wanted, there are always ways of getting a luxurious, high-quality look for less – just shop around!

Measure everything
Before you buy tubs, vanities and toilets, you have to measure the size of your bathroom. This will assure you that everything will fit seamlessly into your final space.

Select and purchase your materials
It’s important to purchase materials like bathroom faucets and floor tiles about two months before the start of the renovation. Some orders tend to take longer than others, especially if you opted for handpainted tiles.

Buy accessories
Purchasing accessories should be one of the last things that you do before the renovation. Select all of the necessary bathroom essentials, like soap dishes, mirrors, towel racks, linens, etc.