5 items every bathroom should have


Yes, your bathroom surely needs a toilet, a shower and a sink. But these aren’t the only essential pieces that should make up this space in your home. Don’t forget about these must-haves, which can have a big influence on the look of your bathroom:

  1. Matching set of towels
    You’d be surprised how much of an impact switching out your towels can have on your overall bathroom design. Having matching towels that coordinate with the room’s color palette and theme helps complete the look of the space by pulling everything together. Many homeowners think they have to stick to solid-colored towels, but don’t be afraid to go against the grain and use linens that are patterned. Chevron towels would look great in a modern bathroom, while a vintage bathroom design would benefit from a floral pattern. If you do use decorative bath towels, however, keep the rest of your bathroom simple with solid colors.
  2. A high-quality faucet
    It’s always a good idea to splurge on a high-quality faucet that adheres to your bathroom’s style. A retro bathroom, for instance, needs vintage faucets to create balance throughout the space. If you’re after this style, choose from finishes such as polished brass or oil-rubbed bronze.
  3. Decorative shower curtain
    Whether you have a clawfoot tub or a bathtub built into the wall, you need a good shower curtain to go along with it. Why buy a cheap and boring shower curtain when you can have a bold curtain that enhances the look of your bathroom? Search for one with a graphic print or decorative pattern. You can even decorate your own shower curtain – a stencil and some fabric paint will transform a basic white curtain into a colorful focal point for your bathroom. Make sure the colors in your shower curtain coordinate with the hue on the walls.
  4. Ample lighting
    Think about the things that you do in the bathroom: Shaving, applying makeup, brushing your teeth, showering, etc. All of these activities require lots of light. Otherwise, you’ll end up missing a spot when you shave or messing up your makeup. There should be a warm, soft glow cast throughout your bathroom so that you don’t end up with harsh shadows. Combine layers of lighting like accent, ambient and task for the best results. For instance, a sparkling chandelier hanging above your clawfoot tub, lights around your vanity mirror and some wall sconces all come together to create effective and beautiful lighting.
  5. Toothbrush holder
    Leaving your toothbrush on the surface of your vanity isn’t a good idea – you run the risk of knocking it onto the floor or into your toilet. Add instant beauty and functionality to your vanity using a decorative cup. Take a tumbler from your kitchen or head to the store and pick up a glass that matches the theme of your bathroom. You can use this cup to store all of the toothbrushes in a stylish manner.