How to: Add a vintage-style bathroom to your modern space

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If you live in a modern home but love the look and feel of vintage decor, there are ways to incorporate both updated and old-world vibes for a unique and personal bathroom. The good news is you can achieve a modern yet vintage space through a total renovation or by just making simple changes with fixtures, color and decor.

Make a design plan
Before starting your bathroom project, it’s a good idea to develop a design plan. This will help you determine your budget as well as your timeline. If you’re doing a large-scale renovation, making a plan is necessary for figuring out where you’ll put the bigger pieces and where you can incorporate storage (always important in a bathroom). A design plan can also help you determine what aspects of the bathroom you want to have a vintage feel and what you’d prefer to be more modern.

Choose your vintage features
Certain pieces will definitely give your bathroom a vintage vibe while also feeling timeless. Clawfoot tubs may be what pops into the minds of many people when you say “vintage bathroom” and this piece can be made into the focal point of your space. Not only will it feel old-world, but you can add either accessories that match the time period of the tub or you can mix and match with more modern fixtures. Another great and easy idea is to swap out a standard mirror for a more unique one. A mirror with an aged frame will definitely add some drama to this room, especially if you find one with an individualized design. Pedestal sink will also fit in well with the theme of the bathroom. Don’t feel like everything you install needs to have that feeling, though. John Buscarello of John A. Buscarello, Inc. in New York told HGTV that “the idea of one style carried through the house is out the door.” He also noted that having a theme is helpful to have a good flow, but mixing and matching allows you to incorporate the different facets of your personality.