How to: Determine the right height for bathroom features

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There are several factors to consider when creating a new bathroom design. Luckily the layout and floor plan should be pretty simple since you know where the plumbing is already, so you can tell where features that require running water will go.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of designing or upgrading your bathroom is sure to be choosing what new features you will include. You can opt for a traditional or clawfoot tub, modern or vintage bathroom fixtures and a pedestal sink or one with cabinets below.

According to Houzz, it’s important to keep in mind not only the style and theme of your bathroom but the height of the features as well. You need items to be tall enough (or short enough) to suit your personal height, but the sinks, mirrors and more should also be at an appropriate height for the space as well. Here are some key features and possible height solutions:

Countertops and sinks:
Standard bathroom cabinets are typically between 29 to 31 inches tall, and the countertop often increases the height by about an inch. Collectively, this will equal about 30 to 32 inches tall. A popular trend recently is to install “back-saver” countertops that range from 33 to 35 inches and prevent people from having to hunch over while using the sink. If you are installing a traditional in-the-countertop sink, it will be at the same height as your cabinets. However, if you are planning on a vessel sink, it’s important to remember that these sit on top of the counter, so you’ll want to opt for shorter cabinets to counter this. Tall vessel sinks are best placed on 29 to 30-inch tall counters, but if you choose a lower, wider vessel, then a back-saver countertop height might be better.

When determining how high to hang a mirror above the bathroom sink, the best measure is to use your own height. If you live alone, hang the mirror so you can look directly forward without having to bend your neck up or down, but if you live with others it’s best to find an average eyeline that can accommodate everyone. For installing an oversize mirror, you may have to place it directly behind the faucet. However, if you opt for a smaller mirror, you should center it and can hang it a few inches above the sink.

Toilet paper holders and towel hooks or bars are necessary, and it’s important to hang these at a proper height as well. Houzz suggested that the standard height for a toilet paper holder should 26 inches off the floor. Towel holders are more flexible and can depend, again, on your (and your family’s) height. Do take into consideration how long towels are. Linens typically hang 36 inches in length.

Makeup stations:
Many women like to have a designated place to get ready in the morning, so you might include a makeup station in your bathroom renovation. Measure this space as if you were sitting at a desk. You’ll most likely be seated on a vanity bench, so the height of the counter should measure between 24 and 28 inches.