Adding cottage style to your bathroom

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A cottage design style evokes simplicity, beauty and serenity, making the aesthetic perfect for the bathroom. In order to pull off this interior, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to. Follow these steps for a perfect cottage-inspired bathroom:

1. Introduce floral patterns
Floral patterns are frequently associated with a cottage style, and add to its crisp, natural feel. There are so many ways to blend this pattern into your bathroom design – cover the wall behind your vanity with a striking floral print wallpaper, put up flower-covered curtains on your windows or hang a bloom-inspired skirt from your vanity to cover up pipes or storage space below.

2. Install vintage fixtures
The fixtures can make a big impact on the overall feel of your bathroom. Pair a farmhouse sink with brass faucets and add a clawfoot tub to the corner of the space to reinforce that cottage charm.

3. Add white
White is a quintessential color for cottage bathroom designs. The hue comes with a clean, fresh and natural look. Trust us, you can never use too much white in the bathroom. Cover your walls with white and combine them with a porcelain farmhouse sink, a white vanity and stark white linens. The key to decorating with white is to bring in plenty of texture – this creates dimension and makes a strong visual impact. For example, a gleaming clawfoot tub would pair wonderfully with a white furry bath mat or rug.

4. Warm up your bathroom with wood
To balance the coolness of the white color palette, you’re going to need a way to warm up the space a little bit. Nothing brings comfort and coziness to a room more than wood. Opt for wood floors, a vanity mirror surrounded with a natural wood frame or wood trim around the door.

5. Bring in architectural style
Borrow a cottage-inspired look by using a sliding barn door in your bathroom. Because the door slides and doesn’t swing, you’ll have more wall space in the room that can be used to hang towels and artwork or provide storage space. Consider painting the sliding barn door a bright hue to contrast with the all-white color palette.

6. Opt for distressed furnishings
Cottage style embraces the beauty of weathered furniture, like distressed cabinets and worn wood floors. If you don’t have any weathered pieces in your bathroom, you can use a sanding block to add years to a vanity or cabinets.