Get the look: Art deco bathroom

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A 1920s art deco-inspired interior allows you to step back in time whenever you enter the bathroom. This design style is characterized by ornate detailing, metallic elements and sharp defined shapes. Furniture is also larger in scale – you often see generously size armoires, vanities, dressers and couches. There’s something so elegant and classic about an art deco interior, and although the style emerged in the 1920s, it’s still very trendy today. Here’s how to get the look in your bathroom:

Metallic finishes
Sleek, metallic finishes are a must-have in art deco bathrooms, so you’ll want your bathroom faucets to have that same shimmering quality. Opt for stainless steel, brass or chrome finishes on your faucets, shower heads and door knobs.

Neutral color palette
Neutral hues dominate the color spectrums in art deco bathrooms in order to keep the focus on the clean angles of furniture and metallic finishes on faucets and other fixtures. Consider black and white for your art deco bathroom, and use finishes like bronze, brass or copper to warm up the ambiance.

Decorate with geometric patterns
Unlike vintage interiors, which feature floral patterns, art deco emphasizes structured, geometric designs, such as zigzags, sunbursts, bold stripes and diamonds. Any of these patterns can be used in your bathroom as much or as little as you would like. Opt for diamond-shaped tile floors or draw attention to your vanity with a zigzag backsplash complete with a sunburst mirror. You can also use bold wallpaper as a way to catch the eye.

Display decorative items
Decorative pieces that support this design style include dramatic oil paintings, ornate furniture and structural lamps. While the bathroom may not seem like the place to put furniture, a velvet arm chair would be the perfect addition to any empty corner in the space. This simple piece of furniture instantly helps your bathroom feel more refined, and having a chair to sit on puts an emphasis on relaxation.
Think outside the box
Light fixtures in an art deco bathroom should be just as opulent as the metallic finishes and luxurious materials used throughout the rest of the space. Add ornately decorated gold wall sconces around your mirror or hang a shimmering chandelier for an unexpected way to light your interior.

Invest in a clawfoot tub
A clawfoot tub perfectly represents the art deco era. The tub features beautifully adorned feet that offer a classic feel to your bathroom.