Coordinating your master bathroom with your bedroom


Your master bedroom and bathroom might be two different spaces, but coordinating the two can help to unify the space. Keep in mind that the two areas don’t have to match exactly, but using similar color schemes and design styles can pull both rooms together. When decorating your bath and bedroom, consider using these design tips:

Choose a decorating style

If your bedroom is modern, your bathroom should follow a similar aesthetic. A contemporary style focuses on clean and sharp lines, staying away from anything that is ornately detailed. Consider installing stainless steel bathroom faucets and coordinating that with silver or gray accessories in the bedroom, like lamps, linens or a rug.

Use the same materials

What type of material dominates your bedroom? That material should also be used in your master bathroom. Weathered wood floors in your bedroom, for instance, would blend well with distressed cabinets in your bath. Or, take note of your metal accessories in the bathroom and reinforce that finish with a metal bed frame.

Stay in the same color family

Your bedroom and bathroom don’t have to use the same colors in order to work together harmoniously. To keep things from feeling too matchy-matchy, consider using hues in the same color family. For instance, lavender walls in your bathroom would pair well with dark eggplant-
colored walls in the bedroom.

You can also consider reversing the color scheme to create two different spaces that work together. For instance, you might want an all-white palette to create a fresh and serene feel in the bathroom, but for your bedroom, you might be after a more cozy, intimate ambiance. Therefore, you can contrast your white bathroom with warm earth tones.

Repeat patterns

Another subtle way to ensure that your master bath and bedroom come together to form a unified suite is to repeat the use of patterns. Hang a chevron-patterned shower curtain in the bathroom, and use that same design in your bedroom with an area rug, linens or decorative pillows.