5 ways to make your kitchen stand out


If you’re not careful, it’s pretty easy for your kitchen design to become underwhelming. After all, you probably spend more time thinking about what you’re going to make in your kitchen than how you’re going to decorate it. But having a well-decorated and unique kitchen infused with your personality is part of what turns your house into a home. To make your kitchen stand out from the rest, try out one (or several!) of these five tips:

1. Update your cabinets and shelving

Outdated cabinets can really throw off the entire design scheme of your kitchen. To give the room that “wow” factor, consider choosing cabinetry in an unexpected or bold hue, like black, blue or gold. For a more subtle change, install open shelving and display your favorite china, coffee mugs and recipe books.

2. Swap out your faucets

Speaking of outdated, did you know that getting new faucets can give your decor an instant update? Installing vintage faucets in gorgeous finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or polished chrome will change the entire feel of your kitchen. If you’re an avid home cook, take this opportunity to make sure you have faucets that make your favorite pastime easier: think pot fillers and pre-rinse pull-down faucets.

3. Install new countertops

Countertops are a wonderful opportunity to make a statement that aren’t utilized by many homeowners. Instead of going for a normal countertop material like polished granite and laminate, choose something unique like reclaimed wood (for a rustic cottage feel) or concrete (if your home has a more modern vibe). Quartz can also be a nice choice, as it comes in a myriad of colors.

4. Add a kitchen island

If you don’t have a kitchen island already, you might want to consider adding one. Not only does it provide extra counter space, it’s also an opportunity to amp up your kitchen design and get creative with storage. The area underneath your kitchen island is a great place to install a wine rack or extra shelving. Place baskets on the shelves to store extra kitchen implements or groceries that don’t need to go in the refrigerator.

5. Try a new backsplash

Installing an eye-catching backsplash is another great way to make your kitchen stand out. Choose a tile in an arresting hue or with a unique pattern. For example, Mexican Talavera tiles will give your kitchen design an infusion of color and whimsy, while glossy glass tiles will add an element of luxury and sophistication.