Five things to have in your minimalist bathroom

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Minimalist home design is simple, streamlined and uncluttered. The lack of detailing and decor creates an effortlessly beautiful interior. Many homeowners love having the minimalist style in their bathrooms because the style creates a relaxing ambiance for a spa-like experience. Achieving this design aesthetic in your bathroom is easy when you have these five essentials:

1. A simple color palette
In order to create a minimalist environment, you must adhere to a neutral color palette. Use whites, creams, beiges or grays, all of which evoke a sense of calm and serenity. Many of these hues are drawn from nature – for instance, gray is reminiscent of smooth river rock. Feel free to use a combination of shades to produce a visually appealing bathroom.

2. Sleek faucets
Your bathroom faucets should be smooth, simple and fluid. You want to look for a faucet with very little detailing, unlike the type of faucet you might find in a vintage bathroom. The finish you select for your bathroom faucets is also essential. Consider stainless steel or chrome, both of which provide a sleek, shiny and smooth finish, a common characteristic of minimalist design.

3. Ample storage
One of the most important elements of minimalist design is cleanliness. Floors and countertops should always be clean and clear so the eye can focus on the architectural elements of the bathroom instead. Therefore, your bathroom design should contain plenty of storage space. Cabinets are your best bet because they conceal your essentials rather than putting them on display.

4. Natural light
With minimalist design, it’s crucial that you focus on the details. After all, it’s those small details that make the biggest impact. Let as much natural light into your bathroom as possible. That light helps highlight every sleek and sharp line in your bathroom. Open up your windows, and if it’s possible, install a skylight to bathe the room in even more natural light.

5. Stand-alone items
A freestanding item like a potted plant, a clawfoot tub or a frameless mirror make a powerful statement in a minimalist bathroom. Because there is very little decor, these elements serve as the focal point of your bathroom. A clawfoot tub bathed in light, for instance, is the only decor you need. In order to highlight these items, make sure you have three layers of light: ambient, accent and task. This will show off the minimalist architecture for the most impact.