Get inspired with these contemporary bathroom ideas


When trying to create a contemporary bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind the defining characteristics:

• Neutral colors offset by accents of bold hues
• Metal accents
• Mix of textures
• Wood tones
• Simple, clean lines
• Elements from nature
• No clutter
Here are some ideas for your bathroom that fit the contemporary style:

Add a white vessel sink

Vessel sinks sit atop your bathroom counters to add some dimension to the space. Install a geometric white vessel sink with sharp, clean lines. Keep your bathroom faucets just as minimal with wall-mounted faucets in a chrome or brass finish.
Frame your mirror

Draw attention to your bathroom mirrors by framing them with some weathered wood. The wood offers a warm contrast to the cool and contemporary vessel sinks. Keep in mind that your mirrors should ideally be square or rectangular to stick with the geometric trend.

Opt for sleek features

A contemporary bathroom should be far from busy or overwhelming. Certain elements such as a glass-enclosed shower or a floating vanity can open up the space and create an ambiance that is clean, fresh and simple.
Stick to a palette of neutrals

A combination of various neutrals is what helps to produce a relaxing, spa-like environment. You can create contrast within your contemporary bathroom by using different textures. For example, combine a stone accent wall in your shower with a glossy wood vanity and white tile floors. You can add a small splash of color by placing a vase of fresh-cut flowers on the counter.

Let in the light

Contemporary bathrooms should ideally be light and airy, and nothing produces this feeling better than natural light streaming in from your windows. You may even want to consider adding a skylight in your shower – this feature will allow you to shower in the rain, under the stars or under the sun. Use artificial lighting to illuminate your bathroom design further – opt for layers of light to offer a warm contrast to the contemporary elements in the space.

Install a freestanding tub

Freestanding clawfoot tubs are ideal for contemporary design because of their clean lines and neutral color. Add one to the center of your bathroom and complete the look by hanging a contemporary chandelier above the tub to create modern focal point.

Be smart about storage

When looking at your bathroom and your glass-enclosed shower, you shouldn’t be able to see bottles of body wash and shampoo lying around. Install a niche in the wall in your shower to provide a place for bathing essentials to hide.