A quick look at shower head styles


A shower head may seem like a simple, straightforward accessory, but it’s important that you select the right one for your bathroom design. After all, there are a variety of shower heads from which to choose, and each offers unique features to enhance your bathing experience. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common types of shower heads:

Standard fixed wall-mount shower head

This is the most common type of shower head found in the bathroom. Like the name implies, it’s mounted to the wall, and can be adjusted by moving the neck of the shower head.

Hand-held shower head

This fixture is adhered to the wall just like a standard wall-mount, but a moveable hose allows you to maneuver the shower head for a greater range of motion. This particular type of shower head comes in very handy when it comes time to clean your shower, because you can move the hose to spray in even the farthest corners.

Top-mount shower head
If your bathroom has low ceilings, this shower head might be the perfect fixture for your space. It’s installed on the ceiling to provide you with a direct stream of water from above, much like a fresh rain. Many homeowners choose to install this shower head alongside their standard shower head to offer you even more water during your shower.

Sliding bar shower head

Much like the hand-held shower head, this particular fixture gives you more flexibility in the shower. The fixture moves up and down on a mounted bar, which is helpful for accommodating people of various heights. This way, a tall person won’t have to squat down while they shower, and a shorter person will get more direct water coverage.

Shower head sprays
These heads are installed on the wall in vertical rows. Instead of enjoying water from above, these fixtures spray you from head to toe. Many homeowners opt to have adjacent shower heads to produce a stream of water that comes across the length of the shower.

Lighted shower head

Wish you had more light in your shower? With an LED shower head, you can enjoy just that. In fact, you can get a shower head featuring adjustable lights that change as you bathe.

Aerating shower head

Are you trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? If so, an aerating shower head might be just what you need in your bathroom. The fixture combines air and water in an effort to use less water. However, it feels like a traditional shower head with a powerful stream.