Decorating tips for any room in your house


There are certain guidelines you can follow to help your dwelling look clean, organized and beautifully decorated. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, here are a few tips that will apply to any space in your home:

Less is more
Cuttering a room with decor can take away from the space’s overall style and function. Don’t feel like you have to fill every area of blank wall with a picture or a decorative piece. A clean wall can make just as strong of a statement as a wall filled with decorations. Keep it simple by selecting a few high-quality pieces of furniture and art to give your home just the right amount of style and visual interest.

Matching isn’t always best
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to use the same color, patterns and textures throughout each room in your home. In fact, mixing and matching various designs and hues can create a dwelling that is filled with personality and style. Achieve an industrial loft aesthetic in your home by pairing warm wood floors with metal accessories like light fixtures and faucets. Contrast the coolness of the industrial vibe with soft lighting and a plush rug.

Select a focal point
When you walk into a room, there should be one area that your eyes are drawn too, like a clawfoot tub or a vintage chandelier. Use that focal point and tailor the rest of the decor around that particular piece.

Adhere to seasonal decorating
Always keep your home looking new and refreshed by swapping out the decor according to season. Choose pieces that are easy to change a few times throughout the year, like throw pillows, blankets, wall art and linens.

Engage your senses
When you walk into a room in your home, you want to feel connected to the space. Things like scents, textures, patterns and colors can all play with your senses and help you create an emotional attachment to the area. Include eye-catching pieces in your home, like distressed cabinets, beautiful brass faucets, an arrangement of warmly lit candles and colorful dishware displayed on open shelving.

Break out of your comfort zone
Stop feeling like you have to follow certain rules when it comes to decorating your home. Start to think outside of the box while considering your own personal preferences. Instead of thinking about what’s “right” in the world of interior design, get creative and try out new trends and decorating styles.