What you should and shouldn’t store in your bathroom


Here’s a list of what to keep and what not to keep in your bathroom:

Items to keep in your bathroom
Store these convenient things in your bathroom to keep the space useful:

Coconut oil
This may seem like an item that you would keep in your kitchen, but based on its versatile uses, you may find it more handy in the bathroom. Coconut oil can be used to moisturize, treat rashes and burns, remove eye makeup and clean your cuticles.

Toilet paper
You don’t want to be left stranded in the bathroom without toilet paper. Never store your TP elsewhere. Keep it in a bathroom cabinet, in a basket or on shelving so it’s always accessible to you and your house guests.

Cleaning supplies
To keep your bathroom free of dirt, bacteria and mildew, you should have cleaning supplies like wipes nearby. This way you can use the products to remove water marks and keep your sink, clawfoot tub and vanity looking sparkling clean.

Items to store elsewhere
Not everything that you have in your bathroom necessarily belongs there. Here are some items that you should remove and relocate to a different area in your home:

The bathroom is one of the most popular spots to store medicine. However, the space is actually one of the worst places to keep your antibiotics. The bathroom is often wet and humid, which can actually make your meds less potent and speed up their breakdown before they’re even set to expire. Instead, take your pills out of the bathroom, and store them in a dry, cool location, like your bedroom or the basement.

Move your accessories out of your bathroom and into your closet or bedroom. Not only will jewelry crowd your bathroom’s countertops, you won’t be able to accessorize when picking out your clothes. Instead, use a pegboard to hold necklaces and earrings. This will keep them organized and easy to locate. Plus, there’s no chance that you’ll drop your jewelry into the toilet or down the sink drain.

Dirty clothes
Relocate your dirty clothes hamper to your laundry room. This way, you can toss your whites and colors right into the washer rather than having to retrieve them from your bathroom.