Decorating your home: Starting from Scratch


But having that clean slate can also feel a bit overwhelming at times. Knowing exactly where to start in the decoration process is a bit tricky. Simply follow these easy steps to turn the images in your head into a reality:

1. Figure out what you like
It’s going to be tough to decorate everything from your bathroom to your kitchen if you aren’t able to pinpoint what you like. Grab a stack of interior design magazines and some sticky notes, using the notes to mark the items that you really love. You can also go on Pinterest and create inspiration boards filled with interior design styles that you can’t get enough of. Then take a step back and look at all of the things that you’ve noted. What do these items have in common? For instance, do you lean toward furniture with sharp, clean lines? If so, you might have a love for contemporary or modern design. But if you enjoy ornate clawfoot tubs and beautifully detailed window trim, vintage may be more your style.

2. Wait before you buy
It can be tempting to want to go and pick out all of the bathroom accessories, furniture, lighting and wall art that you want right away. But it’s actually best to live in your home for about two months before making any major purchases. You may find that you don’t need as many items as you originally thought, or you might discover pieces you didn’t know you needed. Keep a running list of the things that you know you wish to buy for your home.

3. Choose a color palette
Before you can start filling your home with furniture, shelves and decor, you must choose a color palette. This is often much easier said than done, but here’s a quick tip: Look at the colors of the items you already have in your dwelling. What shades do you love the most and want to see more of in your home? Once you identify that shade, you can figure out ways to implement it throughout your home. If it’s a bold hue, like turquoise, use it in area rugs, lighting fixtures, pillows and wall decor, and use neutrals to offset the brightness.

4. Use paint all over
Paint is an essential decorating tool for homes. Not only can you use paint to create accent walls, you can use it to brighten up the bottom of your kitchen stools, or to give a little extra life to your bed’s headboard. Plus, paint is one of the cheapest ways to decorate and personalize your home!

5. Invest in high-quality pieces
It’s always tempting to purchase pieces in your home that are inexpensive, especially if you’re on a budget. But there are certain items that are worth splurging on, trust us. Invest in a comfortable and quality sofa that you won’t have to end up replacing a year from now. The same goes for your kitchen faucets and linens.