Decorating mistakes you should avoid in the bathroom


When you’re renovating the area, you can build a better bathroom by avoiding these common design mistakes:

Going overboard on accessories

Accessories are necessary for filling your bathroom with style and personality. But having too many of those accessories can start to look like a cluttered mess. Keep decorative items to a minimum – if you walk into the room and aren’t sure where to look first, chances are you might have too much clutter.

Not considering foot traffic

Before you get set on a specific layout for your bathroom, think about how easy or difficult it might be to maneuver through the area. You don’t want the door to get in the way of the toilet, or have little room to stand at your sink.

Overlooking details

Small details, like the finish of your vintage faucets or the knobs on your bathroom cabinets, may seem insignificant. However, these details have just as big of an impact on the room’s design as the flooring, lighting and wall color. Think about the style that you want your bathroom to evoke, and channel that style using bathroom details.

Assuming matching is the best option

There is such thing as too much matching. You don’t want your entire bathroom to look exactly the same. Instead, create visual interest by using two or three colors and selecting various patterns, shapes and lines. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and experiment with colors and designs.

Forgetting to plan for storage space

There are more than a few items that will need to be stored in your bathroom, like linens, cosmetics and toiletries. You don’t want these bathroom essentials cluttering up your countertops, so it’s important to plan where they will go. Create space with open shelving, cabinets and under-the-sink storage.