Achieving a rustic outdoor kitchen design

A rustic kitchen design is loved for its warm, inviting and easy-going atmosphere. But in order to achieve the charm of farmhouse living, you have to include all the right elements. Here are a few tips to pulling off the look:

Choose your style
There are a few different directions that you can take a rustic kitchen design. You could go with a Southwestern vibe, using deep brown and red colors and decorating with cacti and succulents. You could also opt for a farmhouse, country look, which often uses lighter hues, like whites and neutrals with pops of color.

Opt for warm colors
A rustic kitchen should feel warm and inviting, so you’ll want to stay away from cooler tones like blues and greens. Instead, stick to warm colors like golden yellows, rusty oranges and vibrant reds.

Use repurposed materials
A rustic aesthetic relies on the beauty of old, antique-like items. So instead of stocking up on completely new decor and accessories for your outdoor kitchen, repurpose items that you already have. For instance, large metal buckets can be turned upside down and hung from the ceiling for an industrial-style light fixture. An old colander can be used as a hanging basket for flowers, and a metal rake can be hung on the wall and used to store wine glasses.

Include a fireplace
A fireplace provides the much needed warmth of a rustic kitchen. Opt for a wooden oven that you can use to cook artisanal pizzas and fresh loaves of bread, or install a firepit where friends and family can gather on chilly summer and autumn nights to make s’mores.

Select the right finishes
Certain faucet finishes lend themselves to rustic design, while others fall under the category of contemporary. Therefore, you have to be picky about the material that you choose for your outdoor kitchen sink. Polished brass faucets, for instance, blend perfectly with a rustic kitchen. Pair the faucet with a spacious farmhouse sink for a casually beautiful look. Other finishes that are great for a rustic aesthetic include copper, oil-rubbed bronze, satin bronze and brushed nickel.

Combine wood, brick and stone
While modern kitchens are all about sleek materials, rustic designs include warmer textures. Weathered wood, brick and stone are all vastly different, but they come together flawlessly to produce a kitchen that is simple, yet rugged.