Furniture trends to consider when designing your kitchen

An integral part of your kitchen design is the furniture in it, from your table to your chairs. It’s important to choose furniture for your home that’s as comfortable as it is functional and stylish. But it can sometimes be hard to find that balance. If you’re going through some kitchen remodeling, consider implementing these top furniture trends in your home:

Statement dining table

When picking out your dining table, consider something that will stand out among the rest of the room’s design. You want your table to be the focal point that demands attention. A thick wooden table with a sparkling chandelier hanging above it could be the perfect focal point for a rustic kitchen. Light-toned woods are actually gaining popularity throughout homes due to their natural beauty.

Pay attention to shape when picking out your table – round tables make it easy for everyone to converse with one another, while rectangular tables are better if you plan on entertaining a large number of guests on a frequent basis.

Go green

Being friendly to the environment will never go out of style. In fact, environmentally friendly furniture is being seen more and more in 2014 kitchens. Use a sustainable resource for your kitchen table, such as bamboo, cork or reclaimed wood.

Integrate technology

More and more furniture is being built to accommodate our attachment to technology. For instance, cabinets can come with built-in USB charging ports so you can charge your smartphone while you prepare dinner. TVs are also making their way into kitchens – the living room isn’t the only area of the home with the device in it anymore. Televisions are finding a place in the kitchen to allow you to catch up on your favorite shows while cooking, or get a heads up on what the morning commute looks like as you’re having breakfast with your family.

Consider vintage

If you haven’t set a specific tone for your kitchen yet, consider going vintage. Antique decor offers a warmth and glamour that no other style can pull off. Achieving this interior design in the kitchen is simple: Stick with a neutral color palette, and use vintage furniture pieces like distressed cabinets or a weathered wooden table.

Use metallic leather

Metallic leather is a trend that’s picking up in 2014. Use it on your kitchen chairs for a bit of shine, or opt for a statement chair made of metallic leather for a unique piece of furniture in your kitchen.