Kid-friendly kitchen design ideas


If your child sees you peeling carrots or boiling pasta, they’ll be able to pick up these cooking methods themselves. Here are a few kid-friendly kitchen design ideas that you can consider for the heart of your home:

Opt for an induction cooktop

To keep your little one safe from any potential kitchen burns, an induction cooktop may be best. There are no open flames involved, and the only hot parts are the surface below and around the pot or pan that you’re using.

Kid-friendly measuring tools

If you want your child to help out more in the kitchen, it’s important to set them up with the right tools. Search for measuring cups with pourable spouts on the side to prevent any major spills or messes from occurring. You can also stock your kitchen with slip-proof mixing bowls with rubberized bottoms. This way, if you ask your child to mix something, the bowl won’t run right off the counter.

Use dishware drawers

Plates and bowls are often stored high up in kitchen cabinets. This makes it difficult for little ones to reach the dishware and set the table. Instead, put your plates and bowls in large, spacious drawers and use pegs to keep the stacks of dishes stationary.

Add a chalkboard

Choose a wall in your kitchen or the side of your kitchen island to cover with chalkboard paint. Your kids will love to use the chalkboard to write down grocery lists, or jot down what’s on the menu for dinner.

Place a step stool

Your little one may not yet be tall enough to reach the kitchen countertops to help you out with dinner. But if you place a sturdy step stool in front of the sink, your child can help you wash produce.