Five kitchen items to spruce up your bathroom design

Your kitchen and bathroom may be two completely separate areas, but there a few items used in the heart of your home that you may want to bring into your bathroom. These kitchen essentials will help improve the look and feel of your bathroom:

1. Canning jars

Canning jars can be used in the kitchen as a way to organize spices and other ingredients like sugar, baking soda and flour. If you have a few extra mason jars, put them in your bathroom. They can help remove clutter from your vanity by storing anything from cotton swabs and toothbrushes to bath salts and cosmetics.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is already an essential cooking ingredient in your pantry, but you might want to stock up on it for your bathroom too. Use vinegar to clean your shower head and give you better water pressure, or use a bit of vinegar to wash the mirror and leave it looking streak-free. Clean out the drain of your clawfoot tub by pouring vinegar into it and following it up by putting a small amount of baking soda down the drain as well.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an extremely healthy ingredient that you can use in your cooking, but it also has a number of beauty uses. Place a jar of coconut oil in your medicine cabinet – it can act as a natural moisturizer for your skin and lips or a conditioner for your hair and scalp.

4. Honey

Having honey in your kitchen cabinets can come in handy when you need to sweeten up your tea or make a tasty homemade dressing for a salad. Bring some honey into the bathroom as well, where you can use it with yogurt for a refreshing face mask or apply it topically to reduce irritation on any cuts or burns you may have.

5. Citrus fruits

The peels of lemon, limes and oranges can be boiled in a pot of water to give off a delicious and refreshing scent throughout your kitchen. You can also throw the peels in your garbage disposal to give your sink a pleasing smell. Save a few citrus fruits for your bathroom because they’re great for getting rid of grime or dirty spots on your tub, shower or floors. Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle it with 1/4 cup of kosher salt. Use the fruit as a scrub to clean away dirt rings or thick grime, then rinse your tub, shower or floors with water.