Do-it-yourself details to wake up your bathroom


Here are a few fun and simple DIY projects that can refresh your bathroom:

Update your linens

Head to the craft store and look for some decorative trim or ribbon that you like. You can easily sew ribbon or trim with a fun pattern to the bottom of your towels to add a pop of color and personality to your bathroom. You can use the same technique to dress up your shower curtain around your clawfoot tub. Some ribbon and fabric glue is all it takes to completely transform the curtain.

Add flowers

One of the simplest ways to freshen up your bathroom is to add a bouquet of blooms to your vanity. Choose flowers that match the color palette already in the space, or if you have neutral hues throughout your bathroom, opt for bright blooms to liven things up.

Put jewelry on display

Don’t have room in your vanity to organize your accessories? Simply attach a wooden dowel between two floating shelves on your wall, and use the dowel to hang anything from necklaces to bracelets. This will prevent them from getting tangled and can create a fun display in your bathroom.

Make a new frame

Is the mirror in your bathroom framed? If not, you can create your very own frame using only a few simple materials. Doing so can help turn your mirror into a dramatic statement piece in your bathroom. Use foam-adhesive sheets and trace a leaf pattern onto the material. Position the leaves all around the mirror as uniformly as possible.

Create rustic storage

If you have a rustic- or nautical-themed bathroom, you can easily create DIY storage to match. Simply glue strips of rope around some old coffee cans. You can put the cans on your vanity and use them to store anything from toothbrushes to combs, lotions and cotton balls.

Mount your towel bars

Another way to add some simple rustic charm to your bathroom is to mount your towel bars on a slab of reclaimed wood. The wood can add some warmth and personal style to your bathroom with very little effort. The wood will match well with distressed cabinets or flooring.

Stencil the ceiling

Draw the eye up by stenciling a fun design on your ceiling. Decorating the ceiling can add visual interest and height to your bathroom. Choose a simple pattern like stripes, or go with something a bit more intricate, like a floral design.