Five kitchen design tips to help out messy cooks

Sometimes, making a mess in your kitchen is inevitable. Whether you’re whipping up dinner for six or just making yourself a tasty breakfast, there are ways that you can curb that mess and keep your work station clean. Here are a few tips that can turn a messy cook into an organized one:

1. Give yourself extra space

Are you running short on prep space in your kitchen? If so, consider creating an extra area that you can use. Store a small rolling base cabinet or portable island underneath your counters that can be pulled out when you need it. Then when you’re done using it, simply slide it back under the countertop and out of sight, keeping the rest of your kitchen nice and tidy.

2. Empty out the dishwasher and the sink

Never start to cook when you have a sink and a dishwasher packed to the brim with dirty dishes. Instead, take the extra 10 minutes to clean your dishes and put them back where they belong. This will create much-needed space to accommodate dirty utensils and tools as you go. You can also load messy dishes into your washer right away to save you cleanup time later.

3. Install a spacious sink

A farmhouse sink is great for cooks who are always in the kitchen. The spacious design will not only hold all of your dirty pots and pans, but it will keep them below eye level. This way, your guests won’t spot them unless they walk directly up to your sink. You can even consider installing a farmhouse sink in addition to the basin that you already have to give you plenty of space to work with as you cook.

4. Consider built-in trash bins

Try installing built-in trash bins right below your cooking prep space. This way, you can throw scraps right into the trash without having to carry them across the room. Make sure the receptacle is large enough – you don’t want your garbage to overflow each time you cook!

5. Opt for a two-level kitchen island

A kitchen island is a must-have for the kitchen, but if you don’t want your house guests to see the mess you’re working with, consider a two-tier island. This way, your cooking space will be shielded from your guests, but you’ll still be able to converse with them as you prepare dinner.