Five Accents for your Contemporary Bathroom Design


You’ll be able to incorporate the modern decor influences while showing off your personal style to boot. Once you have the basics, like a contemporary freestanding tub, bring in tons of accessories to make the room reflect your preferences. If you need some inspiration, check out these five accents:

1. Artwork
Artwork does wonders to revamp your room. For a contemporary look, opt for bold graphic prints that incorporate your favorite colors and motifs. If you are a cat lover, you can find many paintings that showcase the furry feline. Additionally, you can find a blown-up image of your favorite pop culture icon like Madonna and hang it in your bathroom. Just go with what you love and you’ll be thrilled for years to come.

2. Plants
Botanicals help add a touch of nature to the bathroom. To complement your freestanding tub, install a living wall on the surface directly across from the door. This will be your room’s focal point. Living walls are full of greenery and allow you to incorporate your favorite plants into your decor with one large installation.

3. Shelving
Shelving can help your contemporary design dreams come true. Just place wall-mounted shelves in various places, like over the tub and near your vanity. Then fill the shelves with trinkets that showcase your personality. For example, a bold picture frame or exotic sculpture would work well.

4. Mirrors
Nothing makes a bigger impact than a floor mirror. It serves two functions: You can look into it when getting ready in the morning and it’s a decor feature when not in use. Opt for a style with a decorative mirror and clean lines to match your acrylic or cast iron tub.
If you don’t have room for one large mirror, pick up a few smaller ones. Mix and match the frame styles and place them over your vanity for a unique look. Additionally, if you hang them directly across from your windows they will reflect the light coming in from the sun.

5. Linens
Show off your favorite colors or love for prints with your linen choices. For example, you can purchase towels with a geometric print and set them out with others in a bold color. For your drapes, you can opt for a textured tweed or an airy lace style.

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