Simple DIY projects to enhance your kitchen design


Dressing up your kitchen design doesn’t have to mean investing in new cabinets or creating a different floor plan. Instead, you can alter a few details to bring fresh life to your kitchen. Check out these easy kitchen remodeling ideas that are quick and simple:

Color wooden spoons

Color is a great way to wake up any kitchen design. Besides the obvious ways of bringing various shades to the space, like painting the walls, there are other ways to introduce color. Take your wooden kitchen tools and paint their handles in different hues to create a rainbow on your kitchen countertop.

Decorate cabinet shelves with washi tape

If you love to DIY, washi tape is a must-have item. It’s similar to masking tape, but comes in many colors and patterns. You can use it to enhance the look of gifts or utilize it for scrapbook projects. Consider bringing your washi tape into the kitchen and placing in on your cabinet shelves so that you get a burst of color each time you open up your cabinets. You can do the same to open shelving – just make sure the colors and patterns you choose match up with the overall style and tone of your space. Don’t be afraid to create an even bolder look by painting the insides of your cabinets as well.

Stencil appliances

Do you have kitchen appliances that are on display on your countertops? If so, you can use stencils to give them new life. Choose a fun floral pattern to paint onto the side of your stand mixer, or paint a new design on your teapot using a splash of color.

Replace your old faucet

Simply replacing your faucet can make a huge impact on your kitchen. Stainless steel, for instance, can add a bit of sleek and shiny touch, while brass faucets blend well with a vintage kitchen design. You can also choose a different style faucet then you had before – try a wall-mount for a small kitchen or use a pot filler to make cooking dinner a lot easier.

Add a suspended rack

Hang a rack from the ceiling of your kitchen so that you can easily store pots and pans. This will open up plenty of space in your cabinets for other essentials.

Paint your cutting boards

Choose a color that accents your kitchen design and use it to paint the sides of your cutting boards. This will liven up the common kitchen tool and help dress up your kitchen counters.

Wallpaper your fridge

Walls aren’t the only space that can benefit from wallpaper. Select a decorative and colorful print of wallpaper and cover your fridge with it. This will create a fun focal point in your kitchen that can easily be adjusted to fit your mood and style preferences.This is a much more affordable option than buying a new fridge, and you can swap out the wallpaper for a new design or color whenever you want.