How to Brighten up a Windowless Bathroom Design


Fortunately, with a little extra color and the right lighting, you can take your bathroom design to an entirely new level – one that will help you get ready to greet the day.

Choose the right fixtures

The process of brightening up your bathroom begins with vintage bath fixtures that have a reflective quality. Choose faucets in materials like polished chrome and brushed nickel, which will bring a modern vibe to the space. Pair the fixtures with a bright white clawfoot tub to tie the look together and reflect the limited light around the room.

Change the lighting

Dark windowless rooms can often be brightened up by simply switching to halogen light bulbs. However, if you have the time and means during your bathroom remodel, consider installing a solar tube to bring in some natural light. No matter what you decide to do, be sure you have a few different light sources in your bathroom, as this will create a brighter space.

Use light-colored paint

Believe it or not, your choice of paint color can have as much of an effect on the feeling of a space as the type of lighting you use. Dark hues will make the room feel more enclosed, so opt for crisp white paint instead. Be sure the title you choose is also in a light color or has a reflective metallic quality.

Add pops of color

Since you used light-colored paint to create a blank canvas of sorts in your windowless bathroom, brighten up the space even further by adding pops of color. This can come in the form of turquoise towels, sunshine yellow flowers or bright red picture frames. Choose one color theme for your space and stick to it – you don’t want to overwhelm the decor with a rainbow of hues!

Hang extra mirrors

Nothing bounces light around a space like a mirror, so this reflective surface can be an invaluable tool when trying to brighten up a windowless bathroom. In addition to placing a large mirror over your vanity, consider hanging one on the opposite wall. This will make the small enclosed space seem much larger.