Unique Bathroom Designs to Fall in Love With



Your bathroom is a frequently visited space in your home, so it should be just as beautiful and stylish as the rest of your dwelling. Take the weekend to do a bit of simple bathroom remodeling to bring new life to the often-used area. If you need to perk up your bathroom, these simple ideas will certainly do the trick:

Bold stripes
Stripes can find a place virtually anywhere in your home – even the bathroom! Painting bold stripes horizontally across your bathroom walls can bring personality, color, pattern and movement into the space. You can work the stripes into a rustic design by pairing them with weathered wood, or go vintage by hanging an antique chandelier over your clawfoot tub.

Hang art
The bathroom isn’t a space often used to store artwork, but decorative pieces can really add personality to your bathroom. Just be sure that whatever you’re hanging up on the walls will be able to stand up to the humidity that’s found in the bathroom on a frequent basis. Wall decals are a great way to add art to the space and you can be sure that the humid environment won’t have adverse effects on the decor. 

Use multiple mirrors
Instead of hanging just one mirror over your vanity, consider grouping three or four mirrors of various shapes and sizes for a fun, vintage feel.

Pebble floors
Tile is very popular to use for bathroom floors because it’s versatile and easy to clean. But don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for flooring. Consider pebble floors to create a spa-like ambiance throughout the space. Each time you step on the material, certain pressure points in your feet will be activated for a type of mini massage. The stones also recreate the therapeutic feel of nature.

Create a more spacious bathroom with a focus on country living by installing a sliding barn door. The warm wood creates an inviting feel and contrasts beautifully against a clean and contemporary bathroom design.

Wooden ladder
Add to the vintage tone of your bathroom by using an old wooden ladder for linen storage. You can even refurbish the ladder by giving it a fresh coat of paint and a glossy finish.

A statement piece
Create a stylish focal point in your bathroom by choosing a statement piece the reflects your interior design. This could be a vanity, a clawfoot tub, brass faucets, a white vessel sink or, if your bathroom is spacious enough, an armoire. You can use it for storing essentials like toilet paper, soap, linens and shampoo.

Under-cabinet lighting
You may have ambient and accent lighting throughout your bathroom, but there’s one other type of lighting you might want to consider: under-cabinet illumination. This is a great trick for smaller bathrooms because the light puts a focus on the open space under the cabinets, creating the appearance of more spacious floors. The lighting is also great for going to the bathroom in the middle of the night – it offers just enough light without blinding you.