Overlooked Colors for your Kitchen Design



Color makes a big impact on the overall mood of the kitchen, so you may want to keep in mind the theme or feel that you want when selecting the perfect hues. Here are a few overlooked shades to consider for your kitchen:

Never overlook gray for your kitchen. It can blend into a number of interior styles, whether you’re after a luxurious modern space or a rustic farmhouse look. Consider pairing it with white trim or cabinets to provide a slight visual contrast.

How to use it: Use gray in combination with a warm color, whether it’s wood floors or distressed cabinets. You can also combine it with pops of inviting shades, such as caramel, red or soft yellow. Gray is a cool, contemporary hue, so shades on the other side of the color wheel can help balance out the look.

Freshen up your kitchen instantly with a few shades of green paint. This nature-inspired hue is associated with renewal and youthfulness and is always a wonderful choice for your kitchen. The hardest part will be choosing which shade to use. If you want a subtle countryside vibe, opt for a soft olive green. But a bright modern kitchen would be better suited for a crisp green like lime.

How to use it: If you’re nervous about implementing the vibrant color into the space, you can introduce smaller pops of color by painting the insides of cabinets and shelving or using the hue on accessories like rugs and light fixtures.

Bring your kitchen to life with a touch of tangerine. This warm hue can give the space a burst of energy and emit positive vibes. Feel free to combine tangerine with other shades of orange, like soft peach or rusty orange.

How to use it: Just a little bit of tangerine goes a long way, so use it sparingly. Create an accent wall with the color or opt for chair cushions in the vibrant hue. Keep the rest of your interior neutral-colored to keep the tangerine hue from becoming too overwhelming.

Homeowners tend to stay away from black because they feel that it swallows up a space. But this dark hue will never go out of style, and when used in the right way, it can create a dramatic and luxurious kitchen.

How to use it: When searching for kitchen faucet parts, never overlook black. It can help turn your sink into a focal point, and will complement almost any kitchen design. Keep in mind that if you’re going to use a lot of black in the heart of your home, implement plenty of light as well. make sure to also introduce a Use skylights, windows and fixtures to illuminate your kitchen.