Tips for Installing a Farmhouse Sink


The way this type of sink is situated on the counter means that you don’t have to lean over as much when you’re washing dishes. If you plan on installing this sink yourself, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind due to the heavy nature of this type of basin.

Decide how your sink is going to be installed
Your farmhouse sink can be under-mounted or top-mounted, so you’ll have to select which is best for your kitchen. Most homeowners opt for the under-mounted method because it creates a continuous flow from the countertop to the basin.

Consider your countertop
Your countertop should be strong and durable if it’s going to hold a farmhouse sink. When the basin is completely filled with water, it can reach several hundred pounds. Therefore, your countertop and cabinetry below must be strong enough to support it. Laminate and tile counters have too many weak points along the seams to support the weight of the sink. However, you can also add supports to the cabinet. Measure the height of the sink and transfer this measurement to the interior cabinet sides. Mark a level line from back to front – this is where you’ll add supports to accommodate the heavy sink. Supports can simply be screwed through the cabinet sides. 

Test out the sink opening
To make sure the opening that’s in your counter is right for your sink, test-fit the basin. Make sure that the sink is even, and that it’s completely resting on the securely attached supports beneath it. Make any adjustments if necessary.

Properly seal
Sealing your sink is crucial to prevent any leakage and add support. Try using a silicone sealer on all edges of your farmhouse sink to ward off any potential leaks and prevent mold or mildew from growing inside your cabinetry.

Choose a matching faucet
The faucet you choose for your farmhouse sink is important for both the design and function of your kitchen. A pull-down faucet with a high arch is great for this type of basin because it makes cleaning tall and bulky pots simple. You can also pull down the spray wand to easily wash dishes.