Know the 6 Kitchen Remodeling Tips


Is your kitchen design becoming a bit stale? Consider switching it up with a renovation!

Bringing new life to this space in your home can make it more inviting, comfortable and pleasant to be in. However, remodeling isn’t always a simple, straightforward process.

Don’t rush the remodel

Really take the time to figure out exactly what you would like your kitchen to look like. You should have all of the details thought out, from the color of your distressed cabinets to where to put your farmhouse sink. Use inspiration tools like Pinterest to get a good idea of your style preferences. This will make it easier to nail down exactly what you do and don’t want. Pay attention to even the smallest of details, like the finish on your kitchen sink and faucets. Do you want brass faucets? Or chrome? These decisions should be made long before the remodel begins.

Find a reputable contractor

A contractor can help your interior design dream become a reality. But not all contractors are created equal, so you have to do some research before choosing the one to help you with your renovation project. Ask for proof of a current license, a list of suppliers and some former customers. Then get bids from several contractors and be very specific about the materials that you want used throughout the remodel.

Consider everyday use

Are there always at least a few people using the kitchen on a daily basis? If so, you may want to stay away from materials that are hard to clean or surfaces that show dirt and debris easily. Light countertop surfaces like white laminate are beautiful, but you’ll have to clean them frequently, as they tend to show every last crumb and fingerprint. The same goes for your kitchen faucet finishes – some are simply easier to maintain than others. For instance, polished brass is both easy to clean and durable, while chrome shows water spots and fingerprints.

Freshen up

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to mean making huge changes. In fact, sticking to small, yet meaningful renovations, like putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, replacing the trim or rearranging furnishings can have a powerful impact. You can work with what you have by keeping your kitchen’s floor plan exactly the way it is. It’s possible to create an entirely unrecognizable space keeping the layout the same.

Choose a focal point

Give the eye somewhere to land in your kitchen with a focal point. This could be a kitchen table with a glamorous chandelier hanging above, or you could draw attention to your farmhouse sink with a colorful tiled backsplash.

Use light to create mood

Changing the lighting in your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to create a different mood and tone throughout the space. Instead of focusing on one or two fixtures, install a combination of layered lighting, like ambient, task and accent, to provide an soft, even glow all over your kitchen. You may also want to consider implementing dimmers in your kitchen so that you can always adjust the lighting to your exact specifications depending on the time of day.