Bathroom Floor Ideas and Finishes to Match


Your bathroom floors speak a lot about your personality and design style. They also set the tone for your entire bathroom, so it’s important that you really take the time to select the best flooring material.

From tile and hardwood to cork and pebbles, there is an abundance of options to choose from. Here are a few ideas for your bathroom floors, and which finishes pair best with each:


If you’re after a raw, modern, minimalist style, concrete floors may be perfect for your bathroom. People often overlook this natural material, but concrete can look elegant and polished. The material also requires very little maintenance – all you need is a mop and some soapy water to make the finish look like new.

Finish: Pair your concrete floors with industrial bathroom finishes like polished chrome, satin brass or brushed nickel – all of which go well with a modern or contemporary bathroom style. Matte black is also an unconventional yet gorgeous choice for a modern space. It’s becoming popular in the bathroom for its classy and luxurious look as well as ability to hide dirt, fingerprints and water spots.


Pebble floors are beautiful because they offer a unique texture no other material can match. This type of flooring is great for creating a spa-like, serene environment and can work with almost any style, from traditional to Mediterranean.
Finish: When it comes to your bathroom’s finishes, look for something with a rustic feel, like copper, oil-rubbed bronze or satin bronze. Brushed nickel would also work, as it marries beautifully with almost every style.


Hardwood floors are an out-of-the-box choice for this area of the home, but work extremely well in a vintage style bathroom as well as a rustic, country farmhouse-themed space. One of the most attractive things about hardwood floors is that they bring a sense of warmth to your bathroom.

Finish: There are a variety of finishes that would complement the look of hardwood floors. Polished brass contributes to a vintage look, while oil-rubbed bronze would blend well with a traditional or Tuscan setting.


Limestone flooring can give your bathroom an earthy, natural vibe. Pair your limestone floors with a glass shower and plenty of greenery throughout your bathroom. This beautiful material is easy to care for and very durable, so it can stand up to frequent traffic.

Finish: For a bathroom focused on nature, choose from finishes such as brushed nickel, satin bronze, copper or oil-rubbed bronze.