Increase your home’s value with these kitchen and bathroom essentials


If down the road you’re planning to sell your home, there are a few things you can do to improve your abode and help it sell faster. Spruce up your home while staying within budget by keeping these bathroom and kitchen remodeling tips in mind:

Address maintenance issues

The quickest way to scare off potential homeowners is with maintenance issues. Go through your bathroom and kitchen to see if there are any leaks coming from clawfoot tub faucets or the sink, cracks in the windows, etc. Once these issues are addressed, then you can move on to other elements on your to-do list.

Freshen up flooring

While you may have an odd nostalgic feeling about that red wine stain on your carpet, future homeowners probably won’t appreciate that. However, you don’t necessarily have to go through the trouble of replacing your floors entirely. Have a professional carpet-cleaning service spend some time cleaning your floors so they look good as new. If you have hardwood floors, you can invest in brand new area rugs to cover up any spots that appear worn or scratched.

Clean grout

Tile grout, whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen design, can really make or break a space. Dirty, off-white grout won’t do any favors for the style of the space. Give new life to your tile by using a stiff-bristled brush and some warm water. Scrub the grout in a circular motion and leave it to dry. If you have grout that’s been heavily stained, you can grab the vinegar from your kitchen and dilute it with some warm water before scrubbing the solution on the grout.

Paint over cabinets

You may not have to get new kitchen cabinets entirely, but going over them with a new coat of paint can really give them the perfect makeover. But before you begin the painting process, make sure to wash your cabinets, as they’re likely covered in fingerprints and greasy residue. This will help give your cabinets a flawless, smooth surface.

Your cabinets aren’t the only item in your home that you can paint over, however. Don’t overlook your walls, ceilings, flooring and shelving when it comes to a new coat of paint. This is such a simple way to bring a different look to any room in your home.