Masculine Details for a Bachelor Pad Bathroom


Masculine bathrooms are often big on a dark color palette with simple textures and an overall minimalist feel. The key to achieving a manly bathroom is to keep it simple and avoid over-fussy designs. Your bachelor pad’s bathroom doesn’t have to be modern or contemporary – if you prefer, you can still opt for a traditional, country or vintage style bathroom. Here are a few details that would blend well in any style space:

Decide on a theme or style

What kind of mood or tone do you want your bathroom to evoke? Choose between popular themes like luxurious black and white or rustic and natural. Setting the tone of the space can help you properly decorate the bathroom.

Choose your colors

Neutrals like browns, deep grays and black are often chosen for masculine-detailed bathrooms. But the colors that you choose should be unique to your style and personality. For instance, you can stick with a black and white palette and introduce bright splashes of red, green or blue to really add some character to the space. Think about what hues might go best with the rest of your bachelor pad to create a cohesive feel throughout.

Add rugged details

Use natural elements like weathered wood, a stone accent wall or a stainless steel sink or faucet for a rugged style. These various textures help to produce style with very little effort. Chrome and stainless steel accessories like shower heads, faucets and sinks go well with just about any style bathroom – not to mention the fact that the finish is extremely durable.

Repurpose items

You can easily repurpose certain items to use in your bathroom. For instance, a bright red tool box can work as a colorful vanity and an old, industrial-looking pipe can be repurposed into a vintage towel rack or a toilet paper holder. Bottle caps are another versatile item that you can use to decorate your bathroom. Use them as a backsplash behind the sink, frame your mirror with them, or implement the bottle caps into your tile floor. Empty liquor bottles can also be transformed into soap dispensers or hand sanitizer for a fun bathroom accessory.

Keep luxury in mind

Designing a masculine bathroom doesn’t mean that the space has to fall short when it comes to glamour and luxury. Opt for glossy finishes on tile walls, use chandeliers to warm up the space, and hang plush towels to incorporate comfort and elegance.

Layer light

Instead of using just one overhead light in your bathroom, install layers of light around your vanity. This will produce a softer glow instead of a harsh light to make shaving, grooming and brushing your teeth much easier. Having a large mirror above the vanity will also help with those day-to-day tasks and bounce light around the room to make it appear more spacious and open.

Have a place to relax

Create a relaxing and stress-free environment by having a place to sit down in the bathroom. If there’s room, stick a dark leather chair in the corner to add depth and comfort to the space.