Ideas for a New York City Inspired Kitchen


You don’t have to live in the Big Apple in order to achieve an interior design that evokes the city’s modern, stylish and industrial feel. Urban lofts are such a sought-after style today for their raw beauty, focus on spacious layouts and minimalist decor. Achieve this look in your kitchen with any of these New York-inspired design ideas:

Leave your floors unfinished
Many homeowners choose to put a finish over their wooden floors to achieve a glossy and shiny look. But leaving your wood floors unfinished can make just as much of a dramatic statement. The same goes for other types of flooring, whether you use concrete, slate or bamboo.

Allow for clear views
Urban New York City lofts always put an emphasis on the gorgeous view of the city. Even if your kitchen view isn’t the skyline, you can still allow for a clear view of the outside by using French doors or picture windows. Use sheer fabric or blinds to provide some privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light to flow throughout the room.

Stainless steel appliances
Swap out your vintage faucets for ones with a stainless steel finish. This industrial material helps pull the whole urban look together, and it looks great whether your kitchen is filled with a subdued palette of neutral colors or brighter hues. Warm up the steel appliances with salvaged wood on the kitchen island, cabinets or ceiling beams which can add character to your sleek kitchen loft.

Industrial lighting
Cast a soft glow over your kitchen table using a wrought-iron chandelier or a few iron pendants hanging down from the ceiling. Wall-mounted light fixtures are also a great solution to provide additional lighting throughout your kitchen.

Don’t stray from bold colors
While industrial lofts often stick to neutral hues, you can still show off a contemporary, urban interior design with splashes of color here and there. For instance, a deep orange kitchen island can contrast perfectly with warm wood floors, stainless steel appliances and exposed brick. As long as the color is used sparingly throughout the space, you won’t overwhelm your kitchen.

Hang artwork
Take advantage of wall space by hanging a big piece of artwork. It could be an abstract metal piece or even a black-and-white canvas of your favorite city, New York.

Less is more
Lofts are often equipped with a minimal interior design style. Sleek, clean lines and and open spaces create a natural beauty that doesn’t require you to fill your kitchen with much. Always keep your countertops cleared off by storing appliances in modern kitchen cabinets.