Incorporating Green for your Interior Design


Using a green hue inside of your home can help brighten the mood and create a serene vibe throughout. Plus, there are many shades to choose – from Kelly green to lime to emerald.

The hue you select can help set the mood, whether you’re trying to evoke​ a feeling of energy or a sense of calm. If you want to incorporate this color into your interior design, keep these helpful tips in mind:

Know which colors pair well with green

Not all shades work well with green. To find a good match, first you must pick a shade of green. Certain tones can evoke a different feel in your home. For instance, olive green is perfect for a rustic space, while lime works better in a modern or contemporary room due to the energy that it gives off. For your vintage style bathroom, you may want to opt for a soft sage, which is perfect for giving off a relaxing, spa-like vibe. Fill the space with a crisp white clawfoot tub and dress up the walls with a framed gold mirror.

Once you’ve determined which color of green you would like to use, you can pair it with a complementing hue. Kelly green, for example, marries beautifully with navy and white, while lime green looks bright and vibrant when matched up with pink. If you’re looking for something more subtle, opt for a sage green and silver color combination. You may even want to complement the sage hue on the walls with a green tiled backsplash or bright green linens. Here’s a quick trick: take a peek outside and see what colors pair well with green. If the two hues look great outdoors in natural light, chances are they’ll look beautiful inside as well.

Incorporate natural elements

You can easily bring green into your home through the use of natural elements. Dress up the kitchen table with a floral centerpiece accompanied by plenty of greenery or adorn your fireplace mantel with a collection of classic white vases filled with light green foliage. Putting plants in your home not only offers accents of color, they freshen up the air for a cleaner indoor environment.

Decide on a lot or a little

One of the things you have to decide on is whether or not you want small splashes of green in a room, or if you would like the entire space to be filled with the hue. You can start off by using small green accessories like pillows or throw blankets or go big by painting the entire room green. Celery green is the perfect all-over color – it gives the room just enough character without being too overwhelming.

Test samples

Before you go ahead and swipe paint onto all four walls of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc., it’s always a good idea to test out different colors. Paint samples onto the wall to see what looks better in the space. Sometimes, shades can appear different on the wall than they do on a paint swatch.

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