Ideas on Using a Black Color Scheme in your Kitchen and Bathroom


Black is a bold and stylish color that is often underrated when it comes to interior design.

Many homeowners are afraid the dark hue will overpower a room or cause a space to look gloomy. But when you decorate with black in the right way, you can create a home that is cozy, sophisticated and dramatic. When renovating your kitchen or bathroom, consider any of these ideas for incorporating black:

Black faucets

Instead of traditional finishes like polished chrome or brass, consider a darker hue for a bold accent in your bathroom or kitchen. Black porcelain or nickel faucets will bring a captivating and timeless look to the room, and when combined with the right surrounding elements, can look even more bold and dramatic. Another benefit of having black faucets in your kitchen or bathroom is that they don’t easily get dirty, meaning you won’t have to clean or wash them very frequently. Plus, these dark faucets pair well with almost any sink, whether it’s a white farmhouse-style basin or a black vessel sink.

Bright accents

You can contrast your black faucets with vibrant pops of color using towels or a bath mat in the bathroom. These colorful linens won’t overpower the room, instead, they help the black faucets stand out and give the bathroom a splash of character. Do the same in your kitchen, introducing color using curtains, chair cushions, wall art or a centerpiece on the table.


Complement your black faucets with more of the hue throughout your kitchen or bathroom. Implement black patterns to keep the eye moving throughout the space. You can introduce patterns using area rugs, curtains, lampshades or dinnerware. If you want to create a bold look in your bathroom or kitchen, try painting thick horizontal black-and-white stripes on the walls.

Accent wall

In your bathroom, consider painting one of the walls black. Set a bright white clawfoot tub in front of the wall for a stark and beautiful contrast. This will create a cozy environment and help to accent the beauty of your black faucets. You can paint a wall black in your kitchen as well, and contrast it with a white or colorful kitchen table and cabinets. You may even want to consider using black chalkboard paint so that you can easily jot down to-do lists or write out any recipes you’re planning on cooking for the week.

Black ceiling

Ceilings are traditionally painted white, but you may want to consider swiping on a coat of black paint instead. Doing so in your kitchen or bathroom can really help unify the space and tie other black elements together for a coordinated look. Plus, painting the ceiling black can actually help the room look taller and more spacious. The dark color makes it hard to notice the boundaries of the room.

Painted tub

Clawfoot tubs can actually be painted to match your interior design. You can consider painting your freestanding tub in the bathroom to match your black faucets. Doing so provides a little edgy style and the perfect amount of contrast.

Black cabinets

Install black kitchen cabinets for a simple, sleek look. These dark colored cabinets are the perfect place to put stark white dinnerware on display for a classy collection.

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