Decor Ideas in Glamorizing your Kitchen

Kingston Brass' KS8101DL Pot Filler will make your kitchen look like it's fit for a chef.

Kingston Brass’ KS8101DL Pot Filler will make your kitchen look like it’s fit for a chef.

Kitchens are the new family gathering place, making the room serve double and maybe even triple duty at times. So ensure your kitchen is up to the task with a few decor tricks. Here are some tips for revamping this room:

Add a statement fixture

Your sink needs to be stylish as well as functional. Farmhouse sinks are a great choice because they provide a wide basin and convey an antique feel for your vintage kitchen design. However, if you want a more contemporary look, swap out your faucet for one that makes a grand statement. Choose a stainless steel fixture with a tall spout and ornate knobs.

If you don’t feel like any of your current fixtures need an upgrade, consider adding an extra one. For example, you can install a pot filler in your center island. This way your kitchen will look like it’s fit for a chef, because it will be designed with style and functionality in mind. Additionally, you can place a bar faucet in a corner counter. This allows you to serve your guests their favorite drinks without any hassle.

Add molding to the walls

Walls can look boring when they are one dimensional. Add some molding to give them a layered look. Crown molding is perfect for vintage spaces, while geometric shapes along the surface of your wall are more of a modern choice. You can paint the molding a contrasting color to amp up the style factor even more.

Take advantage of every nook

Many kitchens have mini nooks for a small kitchen table. Consider this area a bonus and really take advantage of the space. You may want to paint the walls in the alcove a deep hue to add more depth to the nook. However, if you opt for light colors, and add a mirror to the back wall – the space will look much bigger. Be mindful to the type of seating you choose for your alcove. If there are high ceilings, opt for a bar-style table and chairs. For another option, you can create a lounge space with benches and a small cafe table.

Revamp your storage

Functional storage space is so important in the kitchen, however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. If you have open shelving, paint the back of the walls a statement hue like deep blue or green. You also can add wallpaper for a layered motif.

Bring in Trompe L’oeil artwork

When considering your art choices, don’t settle for the obvious choices. Be unique and add some pieces with Trompe L’oeil motifs. For an alternative, you can hire an artist to recreate the look on one of your blank walls with a mural.

Add greenery

There needs to be some form of greenery in the kitchen. Instead of fresh-cut flowers, which die quickly, opt for potted plants. Place a large botanical near your window for a daily reminder of nature. You can also add indoor plants near your seating or on the countertop.

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