How to make a clawfoot tub work for small apartments


Clawfoot tubs aren’t just for large master bathrooms. They are workable as well in small apartments too.

All you need is a bit of creativity to make the most of your space. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right bath and fit it in your urban home:

Clawfoot tubs

These vintage tubs come in variety of styles, which means you have lots of choices to sort through.

Size – First, head into your bathroom to choose the ideal spot for your new tub. It doesn’t have to remain where your other built-in tub was located.

Next, measure the space you choose. For a really tiny bathroom, opt for a 53-inch tub. The other small units range from 60 inches to 65 inches. The medium-sized models go up to 70 inches. Lastly, the large tubs can span 72 inches.

Shape – The next decision is based on the shape of tub you would prefer. Some clawfoot tubs have single and double-slipper silhouettes. These also have a raised backrest to add extra comfort while lounging. However, for tight spaces, a standard horizontal roll top might be the best choice.

Materials – Acrylic and cast iron are two popular clawfoot tub building materials. They are both quality products, however, they each are different. Cast iron is widely known for being durable and not prone to scratching. But it’s a heavy product, so others go for acrylic. If you live in a high rise or in a multiple story walk-up, consider the acrylic option. It’s also long lasting and a great option.

Mounting – Many people choose freestanding bath mounts when they want their tub to be the focal point of the room. However, in an apartment bathroom, you’ll probably have to conserve space.

Another option is a wall-mounted unit. These fixtures are similar to standard tubs, where the faucet is directly attached to the tile. To choose this mounting, simply install your clawfoot tub where your previous one sat. This option also saves money, because you won’t have to move any plumbing tubes pipes.

Decorating tips

Against the wall – When your clawfoot tub rests against the wall, you can use the surrounding surfaces to your advantage. Install hooks for robes and towels. Or you can add a few layers of shelving to house books, candles and other decorations. Also, make the tub a true statement piece by adding a mirror or decorative paper on the surrounding walls.

Pedestal sink – If a large portion of your room is taken up by a freestanding tub, downsize your other fixtures. The sink is the perfect place to do it. Pedestal styles simply have a small counter and one stand to hide the plumbing.

Color – In small bathrooms, make the space seem bigger with your color choices. White can make a room seem bigger, so use it in floors and on the walls. Add a contrasting color with your linens and accessories.

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