The Great Things About Farmhouse Sinks


Farmhouse sinks make a beautiful addition to any country-style home. These sinks offer a fresh design and instantly improve the functionality of any room in your dwelling.

While classic sinks certainly get the job done when it comes to washing dishes and prepping dinner, farmhouse basins offer so much more space, which is both convenient and helpful. Farmhouse style sinks are perfect for a country lifestyle, but their sleek design also allows them to fit in well with a modern aesthetic as well. There are several rooms in your home that could benefit from a farmhouse sink.


If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking, you’re going to need a sink that is accommodating to that lifestyle.

Farmhouse sinks are ideal for family kitchens because they can handle big pots and pans and a large amount of dishes. Plates, cups and bowls don’t pile up as easily. Instead, they’re hidden from view to keep the attention on your beautiful kitchen design when you can’t get to the dishes right away.

You can accentuate your farmhouse kitchen sink with vintage faucets for a country design or opt for a rustic copper basin featuring a decorative apron front.

Laundry Rooms

Farmhouse sinks come in very handy in the laundry room. You can use them for hand washing garments and removing stains by soaking them in some cold water and bleach.

Laundry room sinks are often used for garden work as well – you can conveniently fill watering cans and buckets in a basin.

Help your white farmhouse sink stand out in the laundry room by installing rich, dark cabinets around it. The stark contrast works well with a modern design and creates a freshness that is perfect for the laundry room.

You can even add a rustic burlap or cotton skirt below your farmhouse sink to cover up any laundry essentials or exposed plumbing that may be sitting below.

Farmhouse Also for the Bathrooms!

Farmhouse sinks are an underrated choice for bathrooms. If you have a big family, this style sink can be a lifesaver. The proximity of the edge of the counter makes it much more accessible to small children. Plus, all of the splashing water will stay inside the sink instead of ending up on the countertops, creating a mess.

Pair your farmhouse sink with a weathered wood vanity and a brass wall-mount faucet for a rustic, country bathroom that’s simple yet high on style.

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