Modernize your Bathroom with a Kingston Brass Vessel Sink


Vessel sinks are a popular part of contemporary interior design. These sleek basins are inspired by spas where decor is as important as function. Designers have really plunged headfirst into this concept, resulting in numerous choices for homeowners. Here is how to pair a few vessel sink styles with the rest of your modern bathroom fixtures.

Tub choice

Before you choose a sink, think about the rest of your room. You want to create a cohesive space, so be sure every aspect is in balance. These styles often have clean lines without ornate decorations. So instead of choosing from the different styles of clawfoot tubs, opt for a pedestal model. These units still have deep basins, allowing you to enjoy a long soak. But they are set on a raised platform that will match nicely with a vessel sink. However, if you do choose a clawfoot tub, be sure to include other vintage influences in the room as well. You can bring in an ornate framed mirror or furniture to contrast with your vessel sink.

Preliminary questions

Ask yourself a few questions before you choose the shape, style and finish of your new sink. Is the bathroom a high-traffic area? If so, you’ll need a wide sink area. Will kids be using the room? Depending on the answer, you may need to adjust the height of your vanity or counter because these sinks tend to be set higher than standard models.


Round vessel sinks offer more surface area while square varieties limit space. Circular styles also tend to be higher than their counterparts. Angular models like farmhouse sinks take up less space and are a suitable option if children will be using the space.


If your bathroom is a simple non-fussy room, consider a streamlined circle or oval sink.However, if you want a bit more detail, opt for one with fluted edges, ribbing or a textured surface.


Porcelain-white finishes are perfect for rooms that have other crisp, light hues. However, manufacturers also make black versions for spaces with a deeper color scheme. Or you can opt for a glass style that works great in small rooms because the transparency creates the illusion of not taking up much space.


There are a variety of faucets you can pair with your vessel sink. Some styles combine the best of both worlds and feature knob handles similar to those often seen on antique bath fixtures. But they have streamlined spouts, which balances out the modern theme. You can choose two side-by-side faucets or opt for one singular unit. Some contemporary bathroom fixtures are similar to those found in kitchens. These have an architectural design and are best paired with round vessel sinks. Additionally, just like sinks, faucets give you a range of finish choices from which to choose.

Polished chrome is a high-shine finish perfect for glossy porcelain-white sinks. Another option is brushed nickel, which is a textured look that works great with glass basins.


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