How to make the most of your Clawfoot Tub


Tubs are a staple in most homeowner’s bathrooms, but if you’re looking to have a vintage bathroom design, certain tubs work better than others.

For example, clawfoot tubs are great for really bringing out that antique feel in your bathroom. At a typical size of about 60 inches, most can fit into even small bathrooms. They can be placed next to a window near natural light, in the middle of the room, or wherever you want. Because they are freestanding, they offer versatility in the look of your bathroom.

Clawfoot fixtures come in a variety of finishes, usually with a white porcelain interior.

The legs can be purchased in a number of finishes as well, like chrome, gold, bronze, pewter, brushed nickel and more. Even the feet themselves have their own designs, such as the classic slant back, double ended, slipper, double slipper and pedestal.

Whichever you choose, this bathtub has personality and begs for you to hop in and relax. The clawfoot tub is undoubtedly a classic addition to any stylish bath. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your vintage tub:

Add a shower head
If you want your bath to double as a shower, the clawfoot tub can get the job done. Simply mount your shower head on a rod that is attached to one end of the tub or to a wall for easy reach.

Find the perfect antique bath fixtures to coordinate with the look of the tub. This way, you can choose to relax with a hot soak or jump in the shower for a quick cleanse.

Place it near natural light
Clawfoot tubs are often the main focus of the bathroom, so you’ll want to help it look as appealing as possible. Placing it near a large window that sheds plenty of natural light can help turn the focus on the tub and make it look like a piece of art.

Reduce clutter
Clawfoot tubs don’t offer a ledge to hold your bath materials, but you don’t want to have your bathing necessities simply laying around the room. Instead, keep your eye out for stylish solutions to keep your supplies within reach when you’re in the tub.

A small silver footstool provides the perfect surface for whatever you may need in the bath. You could also opt for an elegant upholstered footstool, which is just right for a vintage space. For items that you don’t use often, store in your vanity or in cabinets on the wall.