The Homeowner’s Guide to Renovating a Bathroom

ImageRemodeling your bathroom is an exciting step toward making your home fit your style needs.

However, going about the redesign process can be a bit daunting. It’s difficult to know where to start when beginning such a big project. Here’s a quick guide to get you to the bathroom design of your dreams:

Set a budget
Before you go spending money on new paint, vanities, bath fixtures and more, it’s important to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend.

Setting a budget can help you to make decisions about what to include in your remodel. You’ll know exactly what you can and cannot spend on fixtures, tiles, shower heads and other bathroom extras.

Take measurements
You may have found the vanity of your dreams, but will it fit in your bathroom?

You don’t want to purchase accessories for your space that will end up not fitting. Make sure that you take the correct measurements before you begin shopping for big items like tubs, toilets, cabinets and vanities.

Consider a contractor
If you’re unfamiliar with renovations, you may want to consider hiring a contractor. In the long run, the benefits may outweigh the costs because of the frustration it may save you. After all, there may be a few complex operations involved with a bathroom remodel, like tiling, plumbing and electrical.

Work in order
If you’re doing a complete remodel, it’s best to start from top to bottom to eliminate damage to your bathroom. Start your ceiling first, followed by your walls and finally your floor.

Choose a style
You’re going to have to pick out tiles, vanities, tubs, faucets, paint color and more, so it’s important to choose a cohesive theme. A vintage style bathroom is a popular choice among homeowners for it’s quaint charm and simplistic design. With this style, you’ll want to opt for vintage bath fixtures like antique faucets and clawfoot tubs.

Consider unique storing options
Bathroom clutter can really take away from the beauty of the space. Clean up the room by having ample storage space – even in your shower.

Gone are the days of plastic units that hang from your shower head. Instead, consider ceramic tile shelving which is installed in the corner of the shower. This way, the shower or bath won’t be filled with body wash, shampoo, conditioner and razors.

Use accent tiles
It doesn’t take much to enhance the look of your bathroom. Just a few tiles can add the perfect amount of pizzazz. Use tiles of your choice as a border around the top or bottom of your bathroom.