Essential ‘Ingredients’ to Spruce up your Bathroom

Courtesy of DesignBuildIdeas

Courtesy of DesignBuildIdeas

When it comes to bathroom design, there are many options in sprucing it up making it elegant, pretty or luxuriant. In creating a Vintage bathroom, the look and feel is timeless and will never cease to dazzle.

Vintage styling is comprised of historic beauty and bringing it into the modern era. Each visit to the bathroom reminds you of the early American or European vibe with its traditional essence. 

In making your space worthy and flaunting that old-style look, here are a few things to include:

Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs are the epitomy of elegance and traditional beauty. Each tub possesses a particular shape, size and style to stand out. With this assortment, the look of a tub alone would be the perfect centerpiece in any setting you create in the bathroom. The legs would be offered in a variety of colors as well as designs for options.

Using Light

Allow your creative juices to flow with Vintage design.

The light’s radiance sets the mood when entering the bathroom so implementing a small chandelier for example enhances the visuals through first glance. Adding flair from simplicity is key. Utilizing light cream or beige features with mini-pendant lights can be considered when adorning the walls.  The surrounding of retro light fixtures would bring dazzle to the dullness of an unfurnished room.

Matching vintage bath fixtures

Match colors from your claw feet (from your tub) with other bathroom elements. Using items like lavatory faucets, bathroom accessories, towel racks and curtain rods will give a coordinated look to your entire bathroom.


Bathroom wall finishes in the 1920s were often made up of tile. Tile was used extensively as a wainscot, tub enclosure or full floor-to-ceiling installation. Its sleek finish offers a smooth vintage alternative to painted walls.