FEATURE: The Showerscape Victorian Shower Heads Control the Flow

Making the most of a fulfilling and relaxing shower comes from the type of wash we most desire.

Many homeowners find bathroom shower heads with “multi-functions” as the answer in offering more than one way for a complete shower.

However, as technology continually advances, we find that products can be created a step further from the current.

Our Victorian shower heads from Showerscape (A subdivision of Designer Trimscape) consists of three models. Each share a special function where the water spray setting gradually changes (a Speakman type shower head) with just a turn of a lever, located on the side of the head.

This water spray adjustment goes away from the ‘change-setting’ function (turning the lever from one setting to another) with a gradual metamorphosis from the needle-spray stream flow to a soft-drenching stream flow.

K137A1 – The Victorian 4-Jet Adjustable Spray Shower Head
– This shower head is the smallest of the three with a 2-1/4” diameter and water flowing from 4 water jets. With a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM (for all three), each of the jets spray an exceptional amount of water providing a satisfying wash.

K138A1 – The Victorian 6-Jet Adjustable Spray Shower Head
– The most popular of the three shower head models features a 3” diameter with 6 water jets providing a ‘strong-flowing’ shower. All of the shower heads feature a ½” IPS inlet connection.

K139A1 – The Victorian 8-Jet Adjustable Spray Shower Head
– Not only is this shower head the largest of the group, but the body itself weighs over 3 pounds in solid brass. The face measures 3-5/8” in diameter to accommodate its 8 adjustable jets—a powerful water sprayer that will likely give you the most coverage in a shower.

“These shower heads are great for the reasonable price value and quality,” said James Choy, manager of marketing. “Those who enjoy the combination of water pressure and water stream change will find it a convenient addition for their shower.”

For a demonstration of the K138A1, click HERE.

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