The Manhattan Collection: Combining styles for a unique design approach

The Manhattan faucet is developed to portray transitional style in faucet design.

With the usual options of choosing modern or traditional arrangements, the whimsical flair for blending new and old will give people a moment to visualize the Manhattan look.

The idea of this particular collection was to think rich, smooth, elegant and comfortable. Its contemporary appearance and graceful curves equates to a pleasant washing experience with its standard 2.2 GPM / 8.3 LPM (60 PSI) water flow.

The T-shaped double handle levers are sleek and admirably designed; the handles easy to grip and turn for water control. The small but wide escutcheons harmonizes with the different array of traditional style spouts (C-spout, J-spout) in various lavatory faucets.

The kitchen faucets have a common feature with the high goose neck spout design for ample reach and washing experience. Some of the faucets come with a non-metallic side sprayer (available in different colors).

The lavatory and bathroom faucets also function using a ¼-turn hardisc ceramic cartridge.

With four different finishes provided (polished chrome, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel), the use of color enables people to engage deeper on color coordinating with their surroundings.

“By adding the choice of colors with the Manhattan’s handsome architecture is the primary element in a good collection,” said James Choy, Marketing Manager. “We’ve received positive comments on all of our contemporary collections but we feel the Manhattan offers a transitional blend of old style and new. The layout of this particular design is different. We feel it will allow people to take a second and think how their surroundings will appear with its versatile look.”

The tub and shower faucets feature an array of uniquely-designed shower heads each possessing multiple water spray modes to allow you more than one way in enjoying your wash. The wall plates come in the traditional-styled circular pattern while the square-shaped plate expresses a modernistic discrete design (especially with T-shaped handle complementing it).

The tub and shower faucets are equipped with a safebath type washerless cartridge and delivers a maximum of 2.5 GPM / 9.5 LPM (80 PSI).
The KB4651CML is available only in polished chrome and satin nickel.