The Nuvofusion Collection: New-age style with a lot to choose from

The look inside a home defines everything a homeowner makes it to be.

By acquiring a certain look and feel using different patterns and styles, there are certain elements that help centralize the overall design in the home from top to bottom.

The NuvoFusion collection fills that void as the perfect centerpiece solution.

Providing different ways in decorating the home is important for the homeowner. By offering various design options, it allows homeowners to choose which products work best for the surrounding furnishings.

The Nuvousion line is a new-fashioned construction that aims for those looking to jazz up their home with a modernized mentality.

The collection is arranged in three divisions: kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets and tub and shower faucets.

One would notice the Nuvofusion look by the flat-surfaced rectangular lever handles and round cylindrical escutcheons on each of the faucets.
To offer multiple stylings, each faucet consists of various spout shapes: C-spouts, J-spouts and goose neck spouts.

The faucets also come in different setups. Whether centerset, widespread or mini-widespread, you have a number of choices to choose from.

For a more distinctive look – the Euro high rise spout accentuates a state-of-the-art flat, rectangular anatomy with smooth wide curves —a kind of futuristic feel that makes your home surreal and beyond advanced.

The tub and shower faucets feature the same flat handle lever design with the option of regular tub spouts and tub spouts with diverter.

The tub and shower faucets’ most apparent feature is its immensely large 7-1/8” shower head. This shower head appears as a smoothly designed, thick and very wide cylindrical 2-1/4” headpiece that delivers two different spray functions: a saturating shower spray flow and a pulsating massage spray flow.

The massage spray flow is a strong concentrated flow of water only surging from the jets at the central most part of the shower head. On the other hand, the saturating shower spray flow expels a rainfall-like stream flow. This flow is also the standard spray setting for most shower heads. The tub and shower faucet have a maximum water flow rate of 2.5 GPM/9.5 LPM at 80 PSI.

The lavatory and kitchen faucets are measured to save water with a 2.2 GPM/8.3 LPM at 60 PSI. All of the faucets come with a ¼-turn washerless cartridge (including tub and shower faucets which feature a pressure-balanced washerless cartridge).

Available in four different finishes (polished chrome, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel), the color of the NuvoFusion faucets will definitely enhance the senses with its new-age dazzle and cutting edge features.

The appeal of NuvoFusion equates to its functionality offering homeowners with countless possibilities in personalizing their kitchen and bathroom.