Green Eden Collection: Using Color to Bring Life and Harmony

Like music, color evokes specific emotions … and the purpose of the Green Eden collection was to select a type of color that would provide a sense of renewal and liveliness to our products, but at the same time give the user a sense of serenity.

The emerald green shade is the color of life and of the springtime. For centuries, the use of green has been characterized with beauty and love; also conveying with harmony and nature. In many different cultures and religions today, green is utilized as an iconic color.

With Green Eden, the use of the bathroom/kitchen is more than just a functional area of your house but moreover a place of refuge and rest. By adding the emerald green color, our faucets will exhibit a tranquil, peaceful elegance.

From the design perspective, the elements of the Concord look consists of a smooth, radiant contemporary theme. Its tubular spouts and cylindrical body work would benefit the most with the ‘green’ essence to bring together the artesian mood and environmental feeling within the home.

For those who are thinking of a ‘botanical’ look, the use of greenery like in-house plants (ferns, evergreens, palms or ivys) and flowers might be ideal to complement Green Eden. While green is not the most popular color for interior design, surrounding colors (and items) that match would provide a reasonable look.

Additional colors that blend/mix with Green Eden would suffice. By another example, an installment of marble white tiles/walls/countertops/cabinets with black and/or various shaded green patterns may comply with GE. Slight shades of silver or gray or even a light biege or faded yellow may work as well.

From a different view, a number of our green tempered glass vessel sinks from Fauceture, possess the same hue of GE and make an excellent two-piece set:


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