Showerscape aids in saving water

Undoubtedly, our time in the shower is one of the most personal experiences we all have on a daily basis.

Most of us are as meticulous about selecting a shower head as we are about selecting a mattress; and that is the reason why the design team at Kingston Brass took special attention in selecting the right mix of shower heads, hand showers and accessories to include in the Showerscape Collection product offering.

Rain showers

This category includes the most traditional types of shower heads and Kingston Brass has incorporated some very traditional, vintage styles as well as transitional and contemporary models.

Depending on gravity, this type of shower head will give you a soothing shower, as the name implies, similar to standing in the rain. These shower heads are not adjustable and the latest fad is to install them on the ceiling to maximize that rain shower feeling.

A hand shower is commonly used in addition to this type of shower head, which gives more of a vigorous spray for rinsing.

Jetted Shower heads

Jetted shower heads are somewhat similar to the rains howers, except that jets have been added to pressurize the flow of water. The addition of the jets gives you a more vigorous bathing experience, depending on the existing water pressure. This design covers an entire gamut of styles.

Adjustable Shower Heads

Adjustable shower heads have been around for a very long time and are more functional than decorative. They are designed to range between a soft stream to a vigorous, almost massage-type, stream.

Multiple Setting Shower heads

This type of shower head has become very popular due to its versatility. It differs from the adjustable shower heads in that instead of just a specific number of settings, combinations of settings can be used; so there is virtually a setting for everyone.

Most of these shower heads have an easy clean feature. Built-up grime inside the jets can be squeezed out by merely running a finger across the face of the shower head. The designs of this type of shower head tend to be more modern.

Aeroflow (green) showerheads

Water-saving is a concern for all of us and in its quest to contribute in the global effort for water conservation, Kingston Brass has developed the Aeroflow Series of showerheads and hand-held showers.

The Aeroflow series of shower heads is a result of the arduous work of the engineers at Kingston Brass. Aware that taking a satisfying shower is a very important part of a person’s day, these engineers made it their mission to design a shower head that would combine function, water conservation and aesthetics.

The Items

This shower head was designed with the renovation market in mind; its simple yet elegant lines make this a shower head that will fit into any traditional décor setting.

The shower head will give you the option of easily switching from the conventional spray mode to the water-saving aerated flow, giving you a water savings of 21%, translating to an average annual savings of 2,190 gallons of water per person.


On the KX251, the engineers went a step further and developed a 5-spray mode water saving shower head.

The pulsating massage spray delivers a strong concentrated flow of water surging from the six jets at the central most part of the KX251 shower head.

The massage spray emits a more relaxing outpouring of water from the middle and outer jets. As the image shows, there are two particular spray patterns that shoot simultaneously.

The saturating shower is the standard spray setting of the shower head. The water expels a lesser force of water (compared to the previous two functions) streaming from the outer jets, but continually flowing in a relaxing manner.

The saturating and massage spray is simply the combination of a pulsating massage and saturating shower spray. This particular function shoots water at a higher intensity and has been considered the most ideal setting to use for a typical shower. Like the massage spray, this mode gives a two-in-one effect using the inner and outer jets from the shower head.

The soft massage spray combines the streaming of the middle and innermost portions of the shower head. The soft massage effect stems from the expansive but less-intense spray of water shooting from the jets.

The Venturi principle, where air flow is added into the normal function of the showerhead, allows them to reduce water usage and still provide you with a vigorous shower experience.

This model saves water in a different way.

Since not all the time spent in the shower requires the shower head to operate at 100% flow capacity, our engineers developed the KX2140–an ergonomically-designed handheld shower with a partial shut-off built right into the handle.

This allows a person of any age or physical capacity to drastically reduce the flow of water while performing other showering activities such as scrubbing or shampooing.

This function dramatically reduces the total water usage by an estimated 60%, which translates to an estimated annual water savings of 4,380 gallons per person.

Hand showers

Since hand showers have become an essential component in most bathrooms in the last 20 years, Kingston Brass has applied the same philosophy in selecting hand showers; and the variety is no less mind-boggling.

These hand showers range from sleek, tubular, ultra-modern designs to traditional, vintage styles, and those including a vast array of multi-settings.


Since no shower catalog would be complete without them, Kingston Brass has also included an ample offering of all the necessary components.

Shower Slide Bars

Kingston Brass has also introduced a full array of sliding shower bars, from vintage to contemporary, to fit most applications.

In conclusion, the idea of Showerscape was conceived from KB’s commitment in providing the kind of products that aid in saving water. By combining functionality, aesthetics and water conservation, the choice to save is apparent, but how you improve your showering experience is up to you.